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Dentist Manly West | Wynnum Dentists

Experienced Dentist Near Manly West

If you are trying to find a local dentist, look no further than Wynnum Dentists. Our dental practitioners have served the Manly West community for decades. With expertise in a range of high-quality, modern dentistry practices, Wynnum Dentists provides for your family’s dental needs.

Our friendly team is able to manage all dentistry requirements, from general dentistry to preventative care. We provide care for common ailments such as tooth decay and gum disease. When meeting a dentist at Wynnum Dentists, you’ll also receive advice on how to continue excellent oral health care at home.

Within Wynnum Dentists’ vast range of experience, we appreciate that every approach to dentistry needs to be tailored to the individual. That is why we will begin your appointment by completing a comprehensive assessment of your dental needs and history. After this, the dentistry experts will recommend the right general dentistry plan for you. Some elements of this plan may include:

• Fillings

• General Dental Check-up

• Routine Children’s Dental Care

• Preventative Dentistry

• Treatment for Teeth Grinding

• Crowns

• Treatment for Gum Disease

• Wisdom Teeth Removal

• Root Canal Therapy

• Tooth Decay Treatment

This practice offers general dentistry services rather than specialised services. So, you don’t need a referral. Don’t wait and call to book an appointment today!

Manly West is known as close-knit, family friendly suburb. The dentists and staff at Wynnum Dentists understand that trust is important within our community. Each dental partner at this office has a strong commitment to building that familial trust. We have all worked in the Manly West community for many years, some even for multiple decades. When looking for a trustworthy source for dental care, we have proven repeatedly that Wynnum Dentists are whom you can trust.

Trusted Family Dentistry

The emphasis at this office is not just to provide high quality dental services. We create a welcoming environment where parents and children alike feel comfortable. Whether you are visiting for six-month check-up or something more complex, the office will greet you with a calm and relaxed environment. We fully explain your treatment plan, before setting to work

Our dentists, Dr. Sandy Mclean, Dr. Peter Leask, and Dr. Ann Schindel, are experts in quality care and all areas of dentistry. With a support team of dedicated professionals, we will always aim to create a positive experience for you and your family. At Wynnum Dentists, we value openness in communicating both your needs and the best route to good dental treatment.

To experience this for yourself, book an appointment today!

Proudly Helping Residents in Manly West

Manly West is a friendly suburb based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Manly West originally was an extension of Manly, but was officially gazetted in 1975. It is 16 kms east of the Brisbane CBD. Manly West hosts two primary schools, a preschool, Moreton Bay College and Moreton Bay Boys College. Wynnum Dentists has been serving Manly West for 40 years and is the leading dentist in the area.