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Cosmetic Dentist Tingalpa | Wynnum Dentists

Experienced Cosmetic Dentist Near Tingalpa

Through our expertise, friendly staff, and patient-centric model of business, we hope to give every person who walks through our doors a positive and concept-changing experience. This philosophy is exemplified through our cosmetic dentistry services.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

We are proud to be the top cosmetic dentist that the Tingalpa area has to offer. While health remains of the utmost importance in all of our work at Wynnum Dentists, our cosmetic procedures are also part of our practice because we truly care about our patients.

The procedures that make up the field of cosmetic dentistry all involve work that reshapes a mouth. This means improving the outward appearance of teeth, bite, and even gums. Our skilled dental professionals use trusted techniques to enhance colour, size, alignment, and other dental elements. We give our patients the confident smile needed to succeed in daily life.

Cosmetic Services We Offer at Wynnum Dentists

Here at Wynnum Dentists, we offer a wide array of cosmetic procedures that fit the diverse needs and desires of our clients.

These services include:

- Whitening. After a consultation where we work with you to decide what shade is preferred and what method suits you best, the whitening process can begin. Patients can opt to do teeth whitening in the clinic with a professional, but we also can provide fast-acting, take-home kits that allow you to improve your smile from the comfort of your home.

- Veneers. These provide a way to fix slightly damaged or chipped teeth by applying a thin layer of strong resin or ceramic to the tooth. This less invasive option restores teeth to their natural glory.

- Crowns. After root canal and extreme filling procedures, many dentists will recommend a crown to both protect the tooth and give it a natural appearance. These porcelain or metal caps are fitted over the damaged tooth and blend in with the rest of your smile.

- Implants and More. From the total, long-term tooth replacement solution of dental implants to the less extensive additions of bridges or inlays to fix partially damaged teeth, we here at Wynnum Dentists have you covered.

Call today for a consultation that will give you a reason to start smiling again.

Proudly Helping Residents in Tingalpa

Tingalpa is a friendly suburb in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is located 10 kms east of the Brisbane CBD. Tingalpa features a large amount of parks and bushland and the area is well known for Meadowlands Park and Minnippi Park, which are located less than a four minute drive from Tingalpa. Tingalpa has two small local shopping centres: Twin Parks Shopping Centre located on Wynnum Road, and another centre located on Belmont Road, Belmont. Wynnum Dentists has been serving Tingalpa for 40 years and is the leading dentist in the area.